My work combines various media, including photography and video, and deals with recurring themes of dreams, emotions and magic. I present a personal universe that reflects the realm of my imagination with universal resonance. In creating my pieces, I bring ideas from intuition into the outside world—my work is therefore intrinsically connected to my day-to-day life. The people that appear in the images I create are close to me. At times, I do self-portraits and create characters that make their way into various locations and contexts. I aim to use bodies as instruments of expression and reflection.

My photography consists of portraits and still lifes that document ephemeral constructions. With video, I tell stories and frame movement. Influenced by music, fashion and pop culture, I apply within my art the language of sculpture and installation.

At the core of my work is the power of transformation and the confidence to apply it by creative means. You can change what surrounds you and create whatever you dream. Within a sense of optimism and innocence, using materials from my immediate surroundings to transmit hope and possibilities.
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