My work combines various media, mainly photography, video, and sculpture, and deals with recurring themes of dreams, emotions, and magic. I present a personal universe that reflects the realms of my imagination as well as experiences from day-to-day life. My inspirations range from fashion, music, and pop culture to vintage Japanese television, as well as mythological characters from the region in Spain where I grew up. In creating my pieces, I combine these references from the outside world with my own intuition to materialize scenes and characters from alternate realities.  

To make these alien-like beings appear more natural, spontaneous, and genuine, I script scenarios only with friends and people whom I know—including myself—not actors or other professionals. Like living sculptures and installations, they are presented as portraits against static backgrounds, as well as inhabitants in action within various settings, locations, and contexts.

At the core of my work is the idea we all have the power to manipulate and change what surrounds us in order to realize the worlds of our dreams and desires. Through my use of bright colors and confident, purposeful, determined poses and movements, I strive to imbue my work with a sense of awe, optimism, and innocence, and most importantly, to transmit hope and positive possibilities for the future.

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